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Branding used to be an outward facing effort, a facade. Now there is no inside and outside. Even if you’re not a bricks and mortar operation, customers still come into direct contact with people deep inside your organization. I've can help you get a brand story that your organization can deliver and your customers will respond to.

Navigating media channels:

Where your audience spends its time determines not just where you market but how you market. People have more media choices and less predictable consumption habits than ever before. I’ll help you figure out where your best customers are and develop ways to customize your brand promise to be relevant to the moment and the medium. If you've looked over my work, you’ve seen ideas that transcend platforms, but deliver a consistent message and experience.

Creative development:

At the end of the day, it's all in the execution. While the left brain is processing product features, the right brain is responding all the little touches that make up the whole experience. The right brain ultimately seals the deal. I think my work balances information with emotional context. The little clues that help people recognize when a brand really understands what they want. In all of my work I try to see the world from the audience's point-of-view and tell the story with emphasis on things they think are important to them.

Give me a call:

I can work on retainer or on a project basis depending on your needs. I have the resources of top level, design, digital and research and media people at my disposal. People I worked with on Volkswagen. Every job is different so flexibility is my watchword.

Get in touch. Let's make something.

Alan Pafenbach Creative/Direction

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